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Crunching Concepts: Dismantling the Deception of Greenwashing

5 July 2023 | CaseSnappy Team

A gloved hand holding 'compostable' plastic cups during a beach clean-up in New York.


In this edition of our “Crunching Concepts” series, CaseSnappy brings our lens onto the deceptive practice of Greenwashing. Often used as a strategic façade in the corporate environment, Greenwashing highlights just how crucial it is for consumers to critically consider the ethical stance and practices of the companies they support.

What is Greenwashing?

Emerging from the intersection of marketing and environmental responsibility, Greenwashing is a term used within UK corporate law to label the practice of companies portraying themselves as more environmentally responsible than they actually are. False advertising, skewed public relations campaigns and other forms of inaccurate communication are common tactics used to falsely inflate a company's environmental achievements or policies.

Why is Greenwashing Important?

Greenwashing has far-reaching implications and is vital to understanding for several reasons:

1. It often results in consumer deception, as consumers base decisions on the belief that a company or its products are greener than reality.

2. In the UK, Greenwashing can violate consumer protection laws and marketing regulations, leading to legal sanctions and harm to a company's reputation.

3. Understanding Greenwashing enables law students and professionals to better comprehend regulation and ethical considerations encircling corporate environmental responsibility and marketing strategies.

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