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Crunching Concepts: Exploring the Ins and Outs of Self-Defence

19 July 2023 | CaseSnappy Team

A martial arts practitioner, symbolizing the concept of self-defence.


This instalment of our "Crunching Concepts" series takes a deep dive into the nuances of Self-defence. This critical principle in UK criminal law is a dynamic topic, inherently interlinked with individual autonomy and the principle of necessity.

What is Self-defence?

Self-defence is a legal justification for the use of reasonable force in response to an immediate threat of unlawful violence. Acting as a complete defence to criminal charges, it can lead to acquittal if successfully argued. However, the force used in self-defence must be in direct proportion to and reasonable within the situation's context.

Why is Self-defence Important?

Understanding self-defence carries significant importance for a plethora of reasons:

1. As a fundamental concept in criminal law, it enshrines the principles of natural rights and individual autonomy.

2. It recognises and articulates the right of an individual to protect themselves and others from harm, thereby striking a balance between people's rights and the law's necessity to maintain order.

3. Comprehending the concept of self-defence is vital in avoiding the unjust conviction of innocent individuals who acted out of necessity.

Delving into Self-defence Caselaw

A deeper understanding of self-defence can be gleaned through several landmark cases:

R v Williams (Gladstone) [1984]: The Court reiterated that the reasonability of force used would be judged based on the defendant's honest belief of the circumstances, even if they were mistaken.

R v Clegg (1995): This case provided a glaring example that excess use of force would exclude the possibility of self-defence, as evidenced when a soldier was convicted for shooting at a car, resulting in a passenger's death.

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